Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boards and Bags: It's Never Too Late!

"This comic is old and looks like it was dragged through the street. Why would I put it in a bag with a board? It'll never be worth anything."

Who cares?

Who cares. Who cares. WHO CARES.

Is that all you think about? Money? You make me sick to my stomach. I'm vomiting from how disgusted you're making me. Not you. The hypothetical person in the fake scenario I just created.

It's all about preserving a great thing. I try to keep all of my comics in boards and bags. If I get a comic book that's roughed up and hasn't been stored properly, I still give it a good home. I'm not perfect though. Here are a few comic books that I found at my parent's last weekend:

Most of what I found was from Free Comic Book Day a few years back, but shame on me. This is more like it:

Thus proving, it's never too late to treat your comic books like a human being.

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