Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Green Lantern: Agent Orange

One of my favorite comic book series is Green Lantern: Agent Orange, a story that leads up to Blackest Night. It collects Green Lantern #38-42 (2009). Here's why I think Agent Orange is a fun read:
  • It's written by Geoff Johns.
  • At the end of Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns, Hal Jordan ends up with a Blue Power Ring (Believe me, read it. It's amazing). Agent Orange takes place directly after that and starts off with Hal Jordan as Blue/Green Lantern. The Blue Power Ring alone isn't effective, but when paired with the Green Power Ring, it makes you wonder "when and how will these two rings react with each other?"
  • In a flashback, Larfleeze and another of his kind find the Orange Lantern and struggle over who has the right to it. The Guardians come in and make a real sleazy deal, letting the two thieves keep the Orange Lantern in exchange for a relic. The only catch is that they have to battle to the death to see who will be the sole bearer of the Orange Lantern. Why? Because those stinking Guardians are full of fear, that's why. Bastards.
  • The power of the blue light of hope is demonstrated perfectly. Throughout the story, Hal is constantly being asked by the blue ring "what do you hope for?". When he finally answers sincerely, the ring detects it, powers up, and unleashes a powerful blue force on Larfleeze's ugly face.
  • The story focuses on the Orange Lantern Corps which is made up of constructs, with the exception of Larfleeze, the possessor of the ring who's greed prevents him from sharing the power of the ring. How cool is that? Whoever wears the orange ring is so overcome with greed that they can't even tolerate anyone else on their side.
  • The trade paperback includes the explanation of all of the different colored Lanterns from Blackest Night #0. I highly recommend you pick it up if you haven't yet.
This story is full of a whole spectrum of colors and shows how much more to the series there is than green.
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