Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nice Batsuit...THOMAS WAYNE

I just re-read Flashpoint #1-5. I really think the design for the Thomas Wayne Batsuit is my favorite of all of the Batsuits. Andy Kubert did a fantastic job of having it look like Batman, but with enough differences that you know it isn't Bruce. Plus, the red eyes are creepy and fitting for the "Batman is going to scare the shit out of you" vibe.

Another Batsuit that I think is really cool-looking is from Batman: A Death in the Family, done by Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo. It's blue and gray, and looks like it would provide no protection whatsoever. What more can you ask for?

As a matter of fact, I like the Flashpoint Batman so much that this will be the next action Figure I purchase. I encourage you to comment with your favorite Batsuits.

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