Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Put a Smirk On That Face! (2-21-12)

Why did the Joker try to spray Batman with gold paint?

(From The Joker's Joke Book, DC Comics Inc., 1987)

Comment with what you think is the answer! I'll post the correct answer tomorrow morning in the comments section.


  1. I've got nothing on this one. Let's see. Alchemy is out, so no transmutation, uhm, gold bars, ingots, uhm... Teeth, bling, they didn't exist back then.

    Damn. Totally stumped. Medals are gold, but it wouldn't stop him from meddling, it'd turn him into a medal. That's out.

    Fuck. I'm getting nowhere with this one.

  2. ANSWER: He thought it would be a nice finish!

    Sorry, Keith. But I appreciate the effort, you're thinking like a Joker.

  3. Dohhhhhh, super clever.

    I was nowhere close on that.