Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Magic Comics, Who Needs 'Em?... I DO

When I acquire an interest, I have the tendency to go a little overboard and become obsessed. For example, you would think that reading Green Lantern comic books would be enough for me. It's not. I need t-shirts, a mug, a belt buckle, action figures, toy rings, and any other Green Lantern paraphernalia I can get my hands on.

In Middle School, I starting playing the trading card game, Magic The Gathering. I loved it. Collecting Marvel and professional wrestling trading cards was something I loved to do when I was a young boy, so this really tickled my fancy.

Being me, getting together with my friends to trade Magic cards and play the game wasn't enough. On one not-so-fateful day in Redner's Warehouse Market, I saw a Magic The Gathering comic book. Yay! Paraphernalia, my favorite! I wish I could go back and tell the young me "hey go for the Flash and Superman comic books, because in 15 years you're going to spend a lot of money catching up if you don't". I'm not about to read this comic book again, but from what I remember, it was not very good.

I even got in trouble for this comic book. I used to go in to work with my dad and uncle when I was young to learn some basic responsibilities. Instead of doing the work I needed to do, I started reading my Magic The Gathering comic book, and got yelled at because of it. You know what? Shame on me. If it was a Spiderman comic book, I would have taken my own side. But not for this.

Here is the dilemma. This is a series of 4 comic books. I own 2 of the 4. It is killing me that I do not have the other 2. I even went as far as looking for the other 2 on ebay to complete the set. I don't even play or collect Magic The Gathering cards anymore. I can't help it, I'm obsessed, help me!


  1. Hey, maybe the story picks up after the first two.

    I can't imagine that they cost any more than a dollar or two.

  2. I'm sure that I'll end up getting the other 2 issues somewhere. I can't help it.