Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nash #1

"The poor and the hungry face a bleak future. A future that would be entirely without hope were it not for one thing: A man. A legend. Called... NASH."

That's right, folks. "Big Daddy Cool" Kevin Nash, self-proclaimed greatest world champion of all time, founding member of the nWo (which I still to this day am an active supporter of), and one of the most influential people in my life starred in his own comic book.

Published by Image Comics in 1999, written by Kevin Nash and Marat Mychaels, and Illustrated by Marat Mychaels, Jaime Mendoza, and Mark Nicholas, this comic book is set in a post-apocalyptic world. People are suffering from disease and hunger, being terrorized by an organization of hoodlums, but who will save them? Simple. NASH, that's who.

The world is corrupted by the Citadel, a clique led by a man named Cyrus Storm. His lackeys are roaming the streets, taking what they want and murdering innocent people. Well, that is until Nash comes along and kicks the crap out of the bad guys. Nash is a defector that was once part of the Citadel. He got fed up and decided to give the innocent people some hope.

There is a ton of violence in this comic book. At one point, Nash sticks a spike right through some guy's nostril. However, Nash is a pretty charming super hero. He makes light of the situation where he can, much like Peter Parker in the middle of a fight. For example, "Hey, I'm not the one hiding my bad breath behind a freakin face mask!", as he smashes a thug's face in.

There is one shot that anyone familiar with Kevin Nash's wrestling move set will recognize... THE BIG BOOT!

Something else about this comic book, it's SEXY:

Ooh La La.

Ooh La La!

Ooh La La?

I really enjoyed Nash #1. Once again, two of my favorite things are combined: comic books and professional wrestling. Unfortunately, the Nash comic book is no longer in production. However, there is a second issue...

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