Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Fat Characters

Who's better than Superman? A fat Superman:

Lex Luthor. Have you ever looked at him and thought "he's such a great supervillain, but he's a little thin in the waste"? Well guess again:

If you're like me and love a character who knows how to pound some burgers like Superslob and Large Luthor here, these previous posts are for you: Top 5 Comic Book Movies and The Fat Wolverine


  1. I was having a conversation about bulk and height differences between characters when drawn by varying artists the other day.

    You'd expect there to be some sort of quality control or spec sheets that they follow to stay semi-consistent.

  2. I can understand different artists having different visions of the characters that they're drawing. But in Superman For All Seasons, they're just slobs. I really love the story though.

  3. Well, after Luthor ate the forty cakes, of course he would be bulkier. And that's terrible.