Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nash #2

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Image Comics' Nash #1. Let's move on to Nash #2, the exciting conclusion of Nash!... hope you're ready...

Published by Image Comics in 1999, written by Kevin Nash and Marat Mychaels, and illustrated by Marat Mychaels, Allen Martinez, and Mark Nicholas, this comic book starts off where Nash #1 ends.

Nash was knocked down by some psycho named Trax who wants Nash dead. Before Trax kills Nash, he wants to keep him alive as a distraction so that he can acquire more power, so he flees.

Tara Storm, daughter of main bad guy Cyrus Storm, really has the hots for Nash. She wants him to quit the life saving business and rejoin the citadel. Like a true hero, Nash declines.

Then, Nash has some sex with a bunch of beautiful ladies. If there is one thing that these Nash comics do not lack, it's sexiness. It's not all sexy, however. One of the women turns out to be a murderer, kills the other women in the orgy, and gets into a brawl with Nash. She ends up shooting a young boy and Nash shoots her in response. Nash is fed up. Here it is, he's going to put an end to all of this! As he says in the comic, "You want to kill me so bad, you're going to have to do it yourself! 'Cause I'm taking this fight to your front door--".

Ok! I'm ready! The conclusion!

...wait a minute. Huh? To be continued? To be continued in what!? There are no more issues of Nash!

Unfortunately, Nash #3 does not exist. As a collector, this causes me emotional and physical pain. The Nash saga is not complete. I want what all of the comic book collectors, Kevin Nash fans, and nWo supporters need: Nash #3, the finale.

Here is my sincere, and most-likely delusional goal: I want to rally to get Nash #3 made.

I live on earth. I know how things work. But look at Stallone. He went back to Rocky and Rambo years later. Tron Legacy came out almost 20 years after the first Tron movie. These things were relevant at a time, went away, and the fire was rekindled. And don't tell me that fans speaking out online has never made an impact. Remember when they had to reshoot scenes for Snakes on a Plane because there were so many fans that wanted to see Samuel L. Jackson curse?

All that I'm saying is that if there is even a .00001% chance of convincing Kevin Nash and Image Comics to make Nash #3, I am going to do everything I can to make that happen. If there is ever a post to get out there and get people to see, it's this one. Whether you're reading this today, tomorrow, or years from now, let people know. Spread Nash awareness on Twitter (#NashAwareness), Facebook, Google +, and anywhere else you can.

To Kevin Nash and Image Comics, we want Nash #3!

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