Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Ever since I was a young child, I have always loved Jean-Claude Van Damme. Bloodsport and Kickboxer are arguably my favorite movies of all time. In 1994, Van Damme starred in the movie Timecop, which was also released as a two-issue comic book published by Dark Horse. I can dedicate a whole blog to Jean-Claude Van Damme... but let's talk about the comic book!

The Timecop comics were released in September of 1994, the same month as the release of the movie. Written by Mark Verheiden and illustrated by Ron Randall, the comics follow the same plot as the movie, shot for shot in some spots. There are even some lines of dialogue that are in both the movie and the comic book. Some people might find this corny. Personally, I think that if the comic and the movie are called Timecop, there should be overlap. So get off my back about it.

The story starts in 1994, where members of the Time Enforcement Commission (T.E.C.) are discussing the possibility of time travel, which has not been perfected yet. They want to be the first group to take control of the technology before another country does. To spearhead the project, they choose Senator McComb, a full-bearded bastard that looks like he’s up to no good.

The main character Max Walker is a cop, a husband, and an all around good guy. This is illustrated right away, where they show him stopping some low life from stealing a woman’s purse.

(Similar shot from the film)

Max talks to his wife, Melissa, about the T.E.C. offering him a job. He wants to take it, but Melissa doesn’t want him to. They’re in bed. She’s gorgeous. They’re naked, eating Ritz crackers. They're about to go at it again, and the phone rings. HE PICKS IT UP. It’s his job. He needs to go in. As Max is leaving, he’s attacked. The house explodes with Melissa inside, leaving her dead.

The story jumps ahead to 2004, where time travel exists and Max is a cop that enforces laws that govern time travel. He’s a TIMECOP. At this point you may wonder, “why doesn’t Max just go back and save his wife?” They say “NO ONE GOES BACK”. It’s too dangerous to go back because any change that occurs in the past can potentially alter the future. Even with Max understanding this, you can tell that he’s tempted to go back to save his wife. That, to me, is a true hero.

Senator McComb is a real power-hungry piece of trash in 2004. Max is the only person who sees this, so he must go back in time to stop McComb from altering the past for his own personal gain. It’s not that easy. Max is confronted with betrayal, thugs, an altered existence, and his past.

(Similar shot from the film)

The Timecop comic book adaptation is a perfect compliment to the movie, or a fantastic read independent of the movie. They say "NO ONE GOES BACK", huh? Well I can assure you, in this case, I will definitely be going back and reading these comics again and again.


  1. That last picture is ridiculous.

  2. Love Jean-Claude! Grew up on a steady diet of asian and american "kung-fu" movies- they don't make them like they used to!

  3. Yea me too! Jean-Claude was my favorite. The worst Jean-Claude movie is still one of my favorite movies ever. Can't wait until he comes back for Expendables 2.