Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's Put a Smirk On That Face! (4-11-12)

Why is the Joker's pen mightier than a sword?

(From The Joker's Joke Book, DC Comics Inc., 1987)

Comment with what you think is the answer! I'll post the correct answer tomorrow morning in the comments section.


  1. Only thing I've got for this is that it's easier to write jokes with.

    Or ransom notes.

  2. ANSWER: It's a poison pen!

    This was one of the sicker Joker jokes.

  3. Oh wow. Totally didn't expect that. I lose. Good day.

  4. You have a very nice site Dominic. Please feel free to connect to my site - - via google friends connect, you might get some more followers in turn.

    Also, I got this Joker book. I don't think that Heath Ledger read it mind you. Or maybe again he might have, hmm?

    Good day, your pal, Jay.

  5. Hey Jay, thanks for visiting! I appreciate the kind words.

    I actually really enjoy your site, it's on my blogroll and I Google subscribe to it.

    Yes I didn't catch any of these jokes in the movie, but maybe in the deleted scenes...