Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TMNT Micro-Series #2

Get ready to PARTY, DUDES! I'm going to take you through IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series #2 - Michelangelo. I can tell you right off the bat that I enjoyed this comic book just as much as TMNT Micro-Series #1 - Raphael.

Published in December of 2011, TMNT Micro-Series #2 was written by Brian Lynch and illustrated by Andy Kuhn and Bill Crabtree.

The story takes place on New Year's Eve. Michelangelo is out on the town with no plans and he's getting antsy. The last place he wants to be is at home with the rest of the boring Turtles (He thinks they're boring; I think they're perfectly fine.) Michelangelo's boredom doesn't last long. He spots a costume party and like a true ninja, sneaks into it.

The first thing he goes for is the tray of mini-pizza pockets. This is my kind of guy. He's at a New Year's Eve party where everyone's dancing, drinking, and letting loose, and he goes directly for the food. He really stuffs his face, too.

A young lady named Kara mistakes Michelangelo for her friend, Carl, who was supposed to be dressed as a lizard. Lizard, turtle, what's the difference? She drags Michelangelo to a separate room where she meets up with some friends.


Look out! *Gunfire* Michelangelo's new friends turn out to be criminals, and they just took out security. They're at this New Year's Eve party to pull off a good old fashioned heist. What they want is the Dresden diamond, a green-glowing gem that's been pummeled with radiation, kind of like Michelangelo.

Michelangelo decides to go along with their plan until he can find the right time to react. They spot the Dresden and it's protected by a laser alarm system. The group relies on Michelangelo (or Carl) to hack the system and shut down the alarm. Michelangelo knows absolutely nothing about computers because he's usually too busy demolishing pizzas like a slob, so he uses his ninja skills to make it through the lasers without setting off the alarm. It makes you wonder how he stays so agile with all of that mozzarella in his system.

As a side note, there are a few cool panels in this comic that I wanted to point out. At the beginning, Michelangelo is imagining what his night would be like if he stayed at home:

During the heist, he remembers what his brothers taught him and uses it to his advantage. When I read this, I had to put the comic book down because I was laughing so hard:

Michelangelo then realizes that setting off the alarm might be a good thing. Here comes the nunchaku. He smashes the case holding the Dresden, setting off the alarm. Then, he jumps out of a window to escape the hoodlums. He climbs up to the roof and runs into Kara. Apparently, she's a cop and she was in on it as well. The lowlifes catch up with Michelangelo and Kara, and Michelangelo beats the crap out of them.

Once the threat is neutralized, he hands the Dresden over to Kara, and heads back home to the rest of the Turtles. But, not without Kara giving him something in return... a handshake. Hey, he's a turtle, cut him some slack.

Was it worth it? Of course. Michelangelo got to party, kick some butt, and pig out. Kara got the Dresden. The hoodlums were defeated. And most importantly, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans were given a great comic book. Cowabunga!

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