Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Earth 2 #1

*This post contains spoilers*

I have been excited for DC Comics Earth 2 #1 for a long time. It's finally here! Earth 2 #1 was published on May 2nd, 2012 and is part of the Second Wave of DC Comics New 52. It was written by James Robinson and illustrated by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Earth 2 is an earth existing parallel to the established earth (which I will not name...yet) where our notorious superheroes reside. Confusing? Imagine 2 TVs. One TV is playing Tim Burton's Batman, and the other TV is playing Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, both at the same time. Batman exists on both TVs, but they're 2 completely different Batmans. That's basically how multiple Earths work. To further understand the concept of multiple earths, I highly recommend you read the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Before I get into the meat of this comic book, I want to say that this is a fantastic read. Just looking at the cover gives you an idea of what will be inside but I can assure you, things are not as they seem.

The Parademons
This comic starts in the middle of the Apokolips War in Metropolis, 5 years in the past. Earth is being invaded by high-tech monsters known as Parademons. They are being led by their brilliant leader, Steppenwolf. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are hard at work trying to fight these sons of bitches off. Unfortunately, it's going to take more than pure brute force to win this fight.

The artwork is stunning. Metropolis is falling at the hands of monsters and the colors, expressions, and character designs put you right in the middle of this tragic scene. James Robinson brilliantly conveys the struggle for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman during the battle. Superman is dealing with the death of Lois Lane as well as the destruction of his City. Wonder Woman is in a fit of rage over the apparent loss of her home and sisters. Batman is trying as hard as he can to not lose focus on the task at hand.

The parademons are supplied with instruction and energy by two towers. The destruction of these towers is necessary to stop the war. To do this, Superman and Wonder Woman distract the Parademons to allow for Batman to implant a virus program into the towers. Supergirl and Robin (who is female on Earth 2) join the party to help.

To Wonder Woman's surprise, she is greeted by the God, Mercury. He informs her that the war is not just on Earth and the Gods are dropping like flies as well. Look out, Parademons. You thought Wonder Woman was pissed before? Well, now she's livid.

I was on board with everything up until this point. Three of the most popular superheroes fighting together for the good of mankind. YEAH! It gets me pumped up. But just when you think you have a handle on things, the unthinkable happens. Steppenwolf murders Wonder Woman, the Parademons kill Superman, and Batman sacrifices himself to blow up the last tower. The war is over, and our heroes have perished. Pretty sick, right?

In comes Alan Scott in present time, the narrator of this tale up until this point. I'd say that he's the Green Lantern, which he was at one point, but I can't. This is the New 52 universe, anything can happen! Alan Scott is putting together a documentary to remember the fallen heroes.

Earth 2 #1 ends with 21 year old Jay Garrick. He's really down on his luck. You know this because he's sitting on a grassy knoll, by himself, pounding a can of cheap beer. Then, a huge flash of light appears, and this happens:

Recognize the helmet? Me too!
I'm hooked. I'm completely invested in the concept of multiple universes existing at once (the multiverse), the execution of the story, the art, and the characters. And it's only issue #1!

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