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Green Lantern: New Guardians #1-8 RECAP

Green Lanterns are enough to keep me locked into a comic book. Add different colored Lanterns and I'm completely engulfed. That is exactly what DC Comics Green Lantern: New Guardians does.

So far, we've seen writer Tony Bedard and illustrators Tyler Kirkham and Batt depict a range of colors from the emotional spectrum. Before I continue with the recap, let's review the emotional spectrum:
  • White: Life
  • Red: Anger
  • Orange: Avarice
  • Yellow: Fear
  • Green: Willpower
  • Blue: Hope
  • Indigo: Compassion
  • Violet: Love
  • Black: Death
Green Lantern: New Guardians starts with a flashback of Kyle Rayner becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps. In the present, we see Lanterns of various colors being decommissioned. Basically, their rings fly off their hands. For some reason, one of every color ring (except black and white) gets sent to Kyle. These rings are followed by Sinestro Corps member Arkillo (yellow), Indigo Tribe member Munk, Star Sapphire Corps member Fatality (violet), and Red Lantern Corps member Bleeze.

As they fight, Blue Lantern Saint Walker arrives to help Kyle escape. Kyle and Saint Walker discuss how Ganthet (and Sayd in Saint Walker's case - both Guardians of the universe) hand picked them to be Lanterns. Kyle decides to visit Ganthet and the Guardians to find out what's going on. When he confronts Ganthet, the lights are on but no one's home. The Guardians lobotomized Ganthet. The Guardians try to seize the rings from Kyle but the rings all fly on his fingers at once. Kyle fights the Guardians harnessing the power of 7 colors of the emotional spectrum.

Kyle quickly loses power of each ring and they disengage. The Guardians are about to strip him of his Green Lantern ring but it fights back and doesn’t allow them to. The rings are destroyed except the green and orange. The orange turns out to be an orange ring construct, Glomulus. There can be only 1 orange ring bearer but there can be many constructs. The constructs do, however, think for themselves.

As a side note, previously we saw Mongul rip out Arkillo's tongue. In Green Lantern: New Guardians, Saint Walker heals Arkillo and gives him his tongue back. I guess there is hope, even for Arkillo.

A fight between the Guardians of the universe and the Lanterns breaks out and Orange Lantern Larfleeze crashes the party. He’s riding in on Sayd. Things get heated so Kyle has Munk transport them to Okaara, space sector 2828. It turns out that Larfleeze's ring never left him because he holds his battery. He disguised Glomulus as an orange ring to follow the other rings. Sayd sensed the power drawing the rings to Kyle coming from a space vessel known as the Orrery.

The Lanterns go to the Orrery to find who stole the rings. They decide to team up to search the thing (Kyle and Glomulus, Saint Walker and Arkillo, Munk and Fatality). Bleez heads off to Ysamault, home of the Red Lantern corps. Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lantern Corps, wants to know what's going on but Bleez can’t really talk in full sentences. He gives her a blood bath, literally, which grants her the ability to fully speak.

The Orrery is huge and contains a number of planets. Each team is on a separate planet. On Kyle and Glomulus’ planet, the people inhabiting it notice the Orange Lantern symbol on Glomulus. Apparently, Larfleeze is a villain to them and the enemy of their protector, the archangel Invictus. Invictus shows up and thinks Larfleeze is running the show. The Lanterns get into an all out brawl with Invictus.

You're probably wondering "Who is Invictus?" Invictus was part of a race of archangels in the Vega system. When Larfleeze kills, he can take the soul of his victims and use them as constructs. The archangels can evade that. Frustrated that he could not take the archangels, Larfleeze exterminated all of the them except Invictus. Invictus ripped a whole in the universe and was going to send Larfleeze there, but Larfleeze at the last second blasted Invictus into another universe.

Kyle talks some sense into Invictus, showing him that he and the New Guardians aren’t heartless. The proof? All of these Lanterns who started at each other's throats are now working together and saving each other's lives. Invictus sees this, and says that he’ll believe Kyle if the New Guardians kill Larfleeze. Kyle agrees, but only to get the heck out of there.

All of the Lanterns are running low on power except Bleez, who re-powered her ring when she was on Ysamault, and Munk, who brings his lantern with him. Their rings tell them that the Sinestro Corps is no more and the power battery is offline. Arkillo gets pissed and runs off to Korugar, home of the Sinestro Corps. On Korugar, we see a guy being sentenced for making Sinestro’s power ring. Arkillo runs in and saves him. He tells Arkillo that Sinestro took out the Sinestro Corps as a Green Lantern. Arkillo can’t believe it. He gives Arkillo new yellow ring and a yellow power battery that he forged personally that has not been used by Sinestro.

Munk leaves (story continues in Green Lantern #9) and Kyle Rayner, Bleez, and Glomulus head off to New York City to get Kyle’s power battery (continued in Blue Beetle #8 and Blue Beetle #9).

I highly recommend you pick up these 8 issues. It's a great series and I left out some minor details to give you the broad strokes of what has happened so far. Now you're all caught up and ready for my review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 tomorrow!

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