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Green Lantern: New Guardians #9

*This post contains spoilers*

I have been enjoying DC Comics Green Lantern: New Guardians more than most comic book series that I've read. Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 features a crossover between the New Guardians and the Blue Beetles. Haven't read the series or need a refresher? Check out my Green Lantern: New Guardians #1-8 RECAP, Blue Beetle #1-8 RECAP, and Blue Beetle #9 review.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 was published on May 23, 2012, written by Tony Bedard, and illustrated by Tyler Kirkham and Batt. The story starts on Odym, home of the Blue Lantern Corps. Blue Lantern Saint Walker has returned to recharge his ring at the blue central power battery. The Blue Lanterns couldn't be happier to see him. The first Lantern to greet him is Brother Warth, the elephant man with a body piercing addiction.

Brother Warth and Saint Walker
Saint Walker informs the Blue Lanterns that the Guardians of the universe turned Ganthet into a shell of his former self and Larfleeze turned Sayd into his minion. Ganthet and Sayd formed the Blue Lantern Corps at the end of the Sinestro Corps War. Sure, the Blue Lanterns are a somewhat passive group, but even these softies have to draw the line somewhere.

Just when they're about to take action, The Reach arrives. The Reach is a group of aliens that travel the universe using the Blue Beetle scarabs to seize planets. Lead by Lu-Kreeza, The Reach is on Odym to conquer the planet and harness energy from the blue central power battery. As The Reach descends upon Odym, the Blue Lanterns prepare for a blue showdown.

At the core of the galaxy, we see Star Sapphire Corps member Fatality analyzing a white hole. This hole is the doorway that Invictus used to re-enter the universe. Fatality consults with her fellow Corps members and they come to the conclusion that Invictus was sent to kill Larfleeze and put an end to the Orange Lantern Corps.

Fatality finds out that Odym is being invaded and she drops everything and heads right for it. Elsewhere, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner contacts Red Lantern Bleez, Indigo Tribesman Munk, and Sinestro Corps member Arkillo to inform them of the horrors occurring on Odym. Like Fatality, they all immediately head to Odym. None of the New Guardians hesitate for a second. Can it be that these different colored Lanterns who were once loyal only to their Corps are now working together and becoming a team? It sure looks like it! Not only are they saving each other's lives, but they're caring for the well-being of each other's Corps and people. Hope is a powerful emotion...

Back on Odym, Saint Walker is guiding a much more naive Blue Lantern named Shon in the middle of battle. Blue Beetle Khaji-Kai sneaks up behind them to attack, but it is for naught. Saint Walker uses his power ring to expose the man in the Blue Beetle suit. It shows the horrible acts that the man was forced to commit due to the Blue Beetle scarab.

Just as Saint Walker is about to heal Khaji-Kai, the other Blue Beetles attack him. Seeing that the Blue Lanterns are outnumbered, Saint Walker assembles the Corps to protect the central power battery and sends Shon to find a Green Lantern. In order for a blue ring to function at maximum capacity, it needs to harness the power from a green power ring.

Shon finds out that the Blue Beetles were only a distraction to lower the planet's defenses until cocooners could suck the planet dry of energy. Shon admits defeat, loses hope, and his blue ring flies right off of his hand. Realizing that they don't have time to wait, Saint Walker commands the Corps to follow him and defense quickly turns to offense. The Blue Lanterns are pissed and read to kick some scarab ass.

I think what makes Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 an important issue is that it showcases the Blue Lanterns and allows us to see the dynamics of the group. Although they may not be as aggressive as the other Corps, we see that the Blue Lanterns will fight against all odds when backed into a corner.

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