Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TMNT Micro-Series #3

If you haven't read, be sure to check out my review of TMNT Micro-Series #1 - Raphael and TMNT Micro-Series #2 - Michelangelo. IDW Publishing has been doing great things with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and TMNT Micro-Series #3 - Donatello is no exception.

Published in February 2012, this comic book was written by Brian Lynch and Tom Waltz, and illustrated by Valerio Schiti, ScarletGothica, Olaria Traversi, and Robbie Robbins. TMNT Micro-Series #3 starts with the Turtles doing what they do best: kicking some serious butt.

At home, however, the Turtles aren't so in sync. Something that the TMNT Micro-Series has succeeded at is establishing the characters as individuals. As you read each issue, you learn about each turtle without losing that feeling of camaraderie that they always display.

Donatello is shown participating in some on-line web forums. Some people are friendly, and some people are complete dicks. One of Donatello's rivals, Kirby_Fan01, is giving him all sorts of guff and calling him things like "obstruse". One of his friendly buds clues him in on a tech expo where the smartest people from all over are joining to showcase their inventions. Being such a computer and science geek, Donatello jumps at the opportunity to go.

At the convention, Donatello comes across Harold Lillja, a scientist that no one is giving credit to due to his amazing, but destructive inventions. Things get out of hand and security escorts Harold out of the main expo hall to a room where he meets powerful scientist Baxter Stockman. It turns out that Baxter was so impressed by Harold's inventions that he wants to hire him. As a matter of fact, Baxter put together the entire expo to lure Harold in.

As Harold's first potential assignment, Baxter wants Harold to obtain the blood of one of the Ninja Turtles. To do this, Baxter provides a device that detects the Turtle's DNA that he shows to Harold. Look out, because that device is about to go wild. Donatello is in the room with them!

Donatello is discovered and then intervenes. He starts talking to Harold, and Harold calls him obstruse. Can it be!? It can! Harold is Donatello's on-line rival, Kirby_Fan01! Harold, not being able to handle the magnitude of the situation, goes nuts and tosses a few pocket grenades at Donatello. Donatello dodges the pocket grenades and does his best to convince Harold that his genius is too valuable to give up to these goons.

It works, and they manage to escape. Harold leaves on not-so-great terms with Donatello, accusing him of not understanding his fears of being tracked down by Baxter. Baxter is out for blood, literally. I'd be twice as scared as Harold.

Donatello goes home all bummed out, feeling like he has no friends. He's a big fat man-Turtle. I can understand how hard it would be to make friends. Donatello signs on to his computer to play a video game and is quickly proven wrong about thinking that he's friendless...


  1. I really dig the art style in these books. I need to pick them up.

  2. Yeah these comics are good on their own, without having to read the main IDW series. The art is great and each comic's art fits each Turtle's personality. I can't recommend these comics more.