Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blackest Night: White Lantern Sinestro Bust

I am a fan of birthday presents. Thankfully, my birthday was 2 days ago. I have to admit that the people closest to me do spoil me when it comes to my birthday. But I received one of the coolest gifts of all time from my fiancée that I had to talk about.

In 2011, DC Comics released a mini-bust of various characters from "Blackest Night" including Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Black Hand, Violet Lantern Star Sapphire, Larfleeze The Orange Lantern, Black Lantern Batman, Red Lantern Atrocitus, Blue Lantern Saint Walker, Indigo-1, Black Lantern Nekron, Black Lantern Firestorm, and Sinestro Corps Member Arkillo. I received White Lantern Sinestro. This sculpture, part of the Heroes of the DC Universe: Blackest Night bust line, was designed by Ivan Reis and sculpted by James Shoop. It's about 6 inches tall and let me tell you, it is an amazing work of art. The statue is porcelain and hand-painted. It's a great addition to my display of collectables.


  1. That's so cool I'm jealous lol

  2. Yeah I'm pretty excited to have it on my shelf. The other busts in this series are really cool too.