Thursday, July 12, 2012

Earth 2 #3

It took three issues, but the Green Lantern is finally here!

Earth 2 #3 was published by DC Comics on July 4, 2012, written by James Robinson, and illustrated by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

After the train explosion in China in Earth 2 #2, we find Alan Scott burnt to a crisp, but alive. He rises from the ashes, literally, and is confronted by the green, fiery mist that is about to change his life.

In Poland, Jay Garrick meets Hawkgirl. They get to talking and she decides to test how he handles his super power. They spar back and forth and we see that Jay needs some work. Just as they are starting to develop trust for each other, they notice that the environment around them is dying. I wonder who's responsible... (It's Solomon Grundy.)

I think that Jay was a little love-struck, so he was at a disadvantage. So far, their relationship is kind of like in grade school when boys and girls have crushes on each other and express it by making fun of each other. I'm very interested to see how their relationship develops, especially with the Green Lantern in the mix. But I'm getting ahead of myself!

New look. I approve.
In China, the mysterious green mist informs Alan Scott that he is worthy of being one of the world's greatest superheroes. By harnessing this green energy, Alan can make anything that he imagines happen. He then becomes one with the green energy and transforms into the Green Lantern!

Alan Scott is all decked out in his new uniform, but there's something missing. Every Green Lantern needs a ring to channel that powerful energy through. Well, Alan turns a negative into a positive. He takes the ring that was meant for Sam out of his pocket. "That's an engagement ring, right?" Wrong. It was an engagement ring. Now, it's the most powerful weapon in the universe.

Could all of that have fallen into place any better? I don't think so. If there is one thing that is evident at this point in the series, it's this: James Robinson can tell a story.

Alan Scott as the Green Lantern originated in the 1940s. As much as I love the golden age of DC, I can imagine it to be difficult for a child in 2012 to go back and be able to relate to those comics. I think that Earth 2 #3 re-establishes the Green Lantern in a modern way that is easy to digest not only for newcomers, but for fans that have been following the character for years.

To the newcomers: Here is your new Green Lantern of Earth 2. Appreciate him because he is going to be an important role model to everyone who believes in good.

To the old school Green Lantern fans: Give this Green Lantern a shot. I truly believe that he is going surprise us all. And you know what? If you end up not liking him, pre-New 52 Alan Scott will always be there for you.


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