Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who is the Ultimate Comic Book Villain?

In my opinion, Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Professor Zoom a.k.a. Reverse-Flash is the ultimate comic book villain. He lives in the 25th century and becomes so obsessed with Barry Allen (The Flash) that he acquires Barry Allen's costume in the future, taps into the speed force, and travels back in time to confront Barry Allen. His obsession grows to complete madness and hatred toward Barry and he ends up brutally murdering Iris Allen, Barry's wife.

Although the history of Reverse-Flash adds up to a mean and relentless villain, there is one reason why I think he is the ultimate villain: He drives The Flash to kill. In a struggle, while attempting to murder Barry Allen's soon to be second wife, Reverse-Flash is killed by Barry Allen. Reverse-Flash turned The Flash into a murderer.

"But Dominick, The Flash was acquitted at the end of The Trial of The Flash." That was a kangaroo court and you know it. The Flash murdered Reverse-Flash.

Who do you think is the ultimate comic book villain?


  1. Reverse Flash is a great villain, for sure. My favorite, in the DC Universe anyway, is Eclipso. The powers of possession and manipulation of heroes is particularly dastardly imo.

  2. Im new to dc comics so i like coming on here for some history lessons and some good pictures too. I think the kingpin is the ultimate villian. He is human with no powers but still causes havoc in many lives. Great character

  3. Andy- I agree. Turning heroes into monsters is particularly heinous. I don't know much about Eclipso, I have to catch up.

    Blynch- Kingpin is a GREAT one. Plus, he's a slob!

    derry- I wouldn't say he's the ultimate villain, but he is pretty awesome, especially since he can mess with people's minds.

  4. As I said on twitter, I think a great case could be made for Sinestro. You can trace the mess the GLC are in just now back to his betrayal and the creation of the Sinestro Corps, which led to the rings being able to kill. Then the Blackest Night, War of the Rings etc, all attributable to that moment.