Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FAT Illustrations - Sinestro is Delicious

Today's FAT Illustration comes from my good buddy Andy. He was a co-worker of mine who recently went on to greener pastures. On his final day, he left this on my desk:

Thanks, Andy! Although this is a pretty sick Fat Lantern, it is a Fat Lantern nonetheless.

If you would like to participate in FAT Illustrations, please message me on Twitter or Google +. All you have to do is draw a fat version of any comic book character, integrate The Fat Lantern into it somehow, and send it! I will showcase your art along with your name, Twitter handle, and website (unless you specify otherwise).

FAT Illustrations: Where the readers shine and the comic book characters are slobs.


  1. Just to check I've got this right... that is a fat Hal Jordan chowing down on Sinestro's 'still warm' guts..?

  2. Oh you better believe it. That is Hal Jordan eating Sinestro's fresh, tasty innards.