Thursday, August 2, 2012

Underrated Comic Book Movies

We live in a great era for comic book movies. In the past, especially in recent years, we've seen a number of comic book characters make it to the Big Screen. I have previously discussed which comic book movies I've enjoyed most.

Sometimes, no matter how much you enjoy a movie, it doesn't get the respect that you think it deserves. It could be that it's just a bad film. Or it could be a number of other factors including bad reviews, ill-timed release date, and terrible marketing.

I am a firm believer in the idea that box office performance does not indicate the quality of a film.

This leads me to this question: What do you think is the most underrated movie based on a comic book series?

What? Do you want me to get things started? Ok. I will.

I loved the Green Lantern movie. Surprise surprise, right? I think that this movie suffered a great deal because everyone was too focused on Ryan Reynolds being cast as Hal Jordan. Of course people are going to focus on who they cast as one of the biggest names in comic book history. But they didn't give him a chance. I've seen many Ryan Reynolds movies. In "Green Lantern", he was not playing the Van Wilder character or that jackoff from "Waiting...".

I am not saying that "Green Lantern" is the best comic book movie. What I am saying is that it had great special effects, some good acting, a lot of emotion, and told a great story. I don't think it deserved the poor reception it received.

Another film that I believe is underrated is "Daredevil". I'll tell you upfront that this is nowhere near my favorite comic book movie. However, there are worse comic book movies that have gotten a lot more praise than this movie. "Daredevil" was similar to "Green Lantern" in that it also suffered because people were too skeptical of Ben Affleck as a superhero. For all of the bad in this movie, I think that there's some good stuff that people might have missed because of the huge negative reception it got.

These are not movies that I would expect everyone to love. I just think that they deserved more.

I encourage you to comment with your picks of the most underrated comic book movies!


  1. Punisher war zone was one of my favourites and was definately underrated. I think Ray Stevenson was a perfect choice for frank castle and that opening scene when he kills everyone at the dinner table is by far the coolest thing ever!

  2. Aha, Blynch beat me to it! War Zone was a phenomenal take on Punisher. I think it was just too gritty for the masses, but it was spot on as to what I'd expect the Punisher to be like. Picture Shoot 'Em Up!, but darker because it's Punisher. One of the few comic book movies I've watched more than twice.

    My problem with Daredevil and Green Lantern weren't the casting decisions, it was the terribly stiff acting and boring story. At least Daredevil didn't suffer from mediocre CGI throughout the movie.

    For some reason, I don't think the Fantastic Four movies get enough credit. I know they were marginally successful commercially, but I don't remember anyone really hyping them up as solid movies. They were the fun ensemble cast before The Avengers, and it pains me that they're rebooting to keep the license. Chicklis was the Thing we needed and deserved.

    Both Ghost Rider movies were great, but he's a tough character to make into a mainstream success. The sequel had some of the best CGI work I've seen thus far, even if the story didn't really go anywhere. I mean, yeah, they set it up for a third movie, but I don't think it'll happen.

  3. I don't have a problem with the actors. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively played a good Hal and Carol. But that script was God awful.

    I think that The Incredible Hulk was vastly underrated. It always gets a "meh" reaction when I talk about it to people, but it's just as strong as Thor.

  4. Yeah, my issue with Green Lantern was the story, it was messy and combined too many comic stories in to the film. Parallax was poorly done IMO too.

    Superman Returns was underrated. So are pretty much all the animated films.

  5. blynch - I've never seen "Punisher: War Zone", but it sounds like I have to check it out.

    Keith - You know, I went back and watched the first Fantastic Four movie and it actually wasn't that bad. I really don't like the sequel but I think the first one has some great stuff in it. Although the effects are already very outdated.

    Dante - Yeah I could see how the dialogue wouldn't click with everyone. I'm definitely not saying it was the perfect movie. There was room for improvement. In terms of The Incredible Hulk, the reaction I've seen has been really positive which I actually disagreed with. I didn't think it was much better than "Hulk" but I think in "The Avengers" they completely nailed it.

    Anonymous - Agreed. I think that the movie could have used a bit more focus. They definitely threw a ton at the viewer. I've been catching up on some DC animated films and I really enjoy them.

  6. Got to say that although I enjoyed War Zone I think the 2004 version of The Punisher with Thomas Jane as Frank Castle was far better. John Travolta wasn't a bad villain either.

    Green Lantern was a pretty good film too, but I have to agree that the story sucked. They definitely tried to achieve too much in one film.

    As for the Fantastic Four, it wasn't a bad film is was just easily forgettable. It's one of them 'Oh, I remember that one' sort of films.

    Either was most of the underrated films are far better than some of the over-hyped 'bloc busters'.

  7. To me, the problema with Green Lantern The Movie, was the villians. Neither Hammond or Parallax were portraid correctly and Sinestro was wasted as a potentiall nemesis in a sequel that is never going to happend.