Thursday, September 6, 2012

Green Lantern Annual #1: Thoughts?

*This post contains spoilers*

It has been a year since the start of DC Comics New 52 and I must say, I am a huge fan. Specifically, I love the current Geoff Johns Green Lantern series and I think that it's some of the best comic book material I've ever read.

What's not to love? Sinestro is a Green Lantern again. He's teaming up with Hal Jordan. Black Hand broke free from the Indigo Tribe, got his black ring back, and is gunning for Hal Jordan. The Guardians are being complete dicks and planning to destroy the Green Lantern Corps to form the mysterious "Third Army" that they think they can use to keep the galaxy safe. The Green Lantern series is jam-packed.

One aspect to The New 52 that has been both fun and frustrating is the level of mystery. There are so many questions I have about so many characters. I have to admit, I get annoyed from time to time just because there is so much going on and I want a little more spelled out for me. Fear not! The past year will be all tied together and some of my questions will be answered because Green Lantern Annual #1 is here! I mean, that is what comic book annuals are for, right?

I thought so. Unfortunately, Green Lantern Annual #1 was one of those comic books that left me frustrated and wanting things to be spelled out more. Don't get me wrong, I think the annual really progressed the story and was an interesting issue. But it didn't feel like an annual. It left me feeling more confused about the current Green Lantern storyline. Here are some of the questions Green Lantern Annual #1 raised:
  • The Guardians release this being known as "The First Lantern" out of something called "The Chamber of Shadows". Who is The First Lantern? I don't know. Why was he locked in The Chamber of Shadows? Not sure.
  • The Guardians help Black Hand in a fight against Hal Jordan and Sinestro. He wins the fight. The Green Lantern Rings say that they are "deceased", then say "error". Are Hal Jordan and Sinestro dead? It looks like it, but I can't be sure.
  • Black Hand gets locked in The Chamber of Shadows by The Guardians. They say that they will keep him there "until he is needed". Until he is needed for what? I have no idea.
  • The Guardians harness energy from The First Lantern and use their own flesh to create these huge creatures. What are these new monsters that The Guardians formed and what are they capable of? Who knows!?
I want to reiterate that I absolutely love current Green Lantern and I think the annual is a good issue. I also like having a certain level of suspense when I read. I just don't think the annual tied loose ends, which is what I was expecting. The Flash Annual #1, on the other hand, did exactly that. Although I don't think the current Flash series has as strong of a story as Green Lantern, The Flash Annual #1 recapped everything that has happened in the past 12 issues in a fun, action-packed comic. I highly recommend picking up both Green Lantern Annual #1 and The Flash Annual #1.

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  1. Totally agree. This entire year Green Lantern has consistently been one of the best comics. Can't say that about the other GL books, but the main title has been excellent.

  2. I thought the annual moved things along but its fairly apparent now there will be now major resolution until #16 when third army is resolved