Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Golden Rule of New Comic Book Day

Do not talk about new comic books on new comic book day.

I am an avid user of Twitter (If you are not following me, I'm @TheFatLantern). I think it's a great way to connect with people all over the globe and discuss similar interests. I'm proud of the fact that I've developed such a great network of people that I can talk to about comics, retrogaming, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and all of my daily complaints (Seriously, go follow me on Twitter, you're missing out).

Twitter is not the only site that allows for this. There's Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Goodreads, and many others. The problem with websites that are open forums is that people don't respect the concept of secrecy and suspense.

What am I trying to say? To the people on these social networking sites: STOP SPOILING COMIC BOOK PLOTS ON NEW COMIC BOOK DAY. Every Wednesday, new comic books are released, and every Wednesday, I see people openly discussing these new comic books. First of all, different time zones exist throughout the world. So a comic book being released in one location will not even be out in other locations. Second, there are people who can not get to a comic book shop first thing in the morning, so they won't even get a chance to sit down and read new comics until later at night. Third, some people just might not be able to read their comics on new comic book day.

If you want to discuss new comics with your buddies on new comic book day, talk all day and night. But don't go into an open crowd, which is what Twitter essentially is, and scream spoilers at everyone. There's a reason why you have to turn the page of a comic to progress through the story. Otherwise, comics would be big posters that have the entire plot spelled out for all to look at and be indifferent towards.

Of course, it's new comic book day, so you want to talk about comics. But how about comments like "Wow, this issue of Green Lantern was crazy!" or "Oh my gosh, can you believe how good this week's  Iron Man was!?" This would allow you to get your opinion out there without spoiling it for the people who haven't read their comics. All I'm asking is that you give a 24 hour grace period before you start discussing specifics.

I love connecting with people on Twitter, especially about comics. But if you talk about new comics on new comic book day, I'm blocking your ass.


  1. New first rule in the book of Oa: leathal forces autherized against those who spoil new comic book day

  2. I couldn't agree more. I absolutely
    -hate- spoilers, and people who talk about new stories. Like you said, not everyone can read or even get their comics straight away on NCBD, and it's a bit rude to spout on about new stories and stuff. Saying 'blahblahblah was good this week' or 'I can't believe this happened in blahblahblah' is okay, but full on divulging new stories and whatnot is annoying. The least they could do is put a spoiler warning!

  3. Because not going on social networks for a day or a few hours would be out of the question...LOL

  4. Thank you TripleJ18 for saying that. It should also be noted that the Marvel folks were tweeting links to sites that spoiled ASM #700 as well, so hey, glass houses I always say.