Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The New 52: A Year Later

It's been a year since the start of DC Comics The New 52. DC had the guts to relaunch every single title at issue #1. It was a bold move, but I've been enjoying it for the most part. Earlier this year, my DC subscription was pretty light (As discussed in "3 of The New 52"). Since then I've picked up a few more titles per month.

I still subscribe to Justice League, Green Lantern, and Green Lantern: New Guardians. I now also subscribe to Green Lantern Corps, The Flash, Earth 2, and World's Finest. I was subscribing to Blue Beetle for the Green Lantern: New Guardians/Blue Beetle crossover (which I absolutely loved), but I decided to drop Blue Beetle shortly afterwards.

I'm happy with my current subscription. Personally, I think Green Lantern and Earth 2 have the strongest stories. However, my personal favorites are Green Lantern: New Guardians and World's Finest. I'm a sucker for comics that focus on the emotional spectrum, and Huntress and Power Girl are just badass together.

This leads me to today's topic: In the past year, which DC comics have you dropped AND which DC comics have you picked up?

Please comment with your contributions!


  1. At the start of the New52 I got into Batman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman: Detective Comics, Grifter, & Red Hood and the Outlaws.

    Sadly due to budget constraints I've dropped all of these titles; I did make sure to get through the Night of the Owls arc before dropping all the Batman titles.

    Each had their ups and downs; though every issue had potential, by the last panel we were often left wondering why so many unnecessary things had to be forced upon us.

    And I just don't see myself trying to catch up on any of these titles.

  2. So many to mention!

    Started with all Superman / Batman / Lantern titles, Justice League, Justice League Dark, Flash, and Green Arrow (I think)

    Dark Knight, Flash, and Green Arrow were the first to go, Arrow inducing the most rage.

    Recently New Guardians, Batman and Robin have gone with Justice League soon to follow.

    As far as DC go, I have re-added Flash, will do the same for New Guardians for Third Army and have added World's Finest and Earth 2.

    Aaaand breathe!!

  3. I started with Green Lantern/ Flash/ Justice League Dark/ Birds of Prey/ Wonder Woman/ Catwoman.
    Dropped Justice League Dark but picked it back up when Lemire started writing it.
    Dropped Birds of Prey.
    Picked up Worlds Finest/ Dial H/ Earth 2/ Batman Inc when the second wave came out.

    I seem to be lacking all self control when it comes to DC..

  4. Chris - Yes unfortunately, because of my budget, I can't read everything. I'd love to check out more Batman or Superman, but I just can't fit it all in.

    Martel79 - Yeah re-adding New Guardians and Flash is a good idea. They aren't groundbreaking but damn are they fun. I'm so lukewarm about Justice League, I don't know what I'm going to do about it. The end of issue 12 was pretty sweet though.

    Imogen - I really want to check out Wonder Woman but as I said before, I can't afford everything. I think I'm going to get the trades eventually. And I've lost some self control as well. Earlier this year I promised myself I'd only subscribe to 3 titles!