Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Superman: Earth One Volume Two

I haven't been much of a Superman reader throughout the years, so I've recently been trying to catch up. From a Superman newbie's perspective, the Superman: Earth One series is a great starting point, explaining the origin while keeping it modern. From a life-long comic book reader's perspective, the Superman: Earth One series is a fantastic read with a captivating story and some of the best illustration I've ever seen.

Superman: Earth One Volume Two delivers the same great storytelling and action as Volume One. It was published by DC Comics on October 31, 2012, written by J. Michael Straczynski, and illustrated by Shane Davis and Sandra Hope.

The thing that stands out right off the bat is the art. It's stunning. Emotions really come through and when Superman is in action, you feel like you're right there with him. If you take out all of the words in the book, you'd be able to follow the story just buy looking at the characters.

In this volume, we see Lois Lane becoming more and more wary of Clark Kent. She really digs deep to try to find out who he is and where he came from. The poor guy gets his fancy new job as a reporter, and Lois won't get off his back. While Lois is keeping an eye on Clark, the government is keeping an eye on Superman. They want to find out exactly what he is and what he's capable of as soon as possible so that they know how to destroy him if he ever threatens earth.

Yikes! Boner Alert
We get to see Clark really start dealing with his identity. You can sense confusion in some of his choices throughout the book. At one point, Clark meets a nice young lady who becomes quite fond of him. So fond that they start to get close... real close. But wait! Superman's never been intimate with a woman. What would happen? Would he get a super boner? He has no idea what would happen at the moment of impact, so he has to deal with controlling himself. I enjoyed this aspect of the story because it's real and it's something that hasn't really been discussed.

In this story, Superman battles Parasite. Parasite is this guy named Raymond Maxwell Jensen who gets mutated and has to feed off of energy. Superman just so happens to be the greatest source of energy on earth, so this mutant sets his sights on him immediately.

Superman vs. Parasite
I liked Parasite as a villain in this story. The more energy he takes in, the larger he becomes. It's very intimidating to see him grow. However, the presence of green, zit-like blobs all over his body kind of made him a little soft to me. Every time I see Parasite I just want to punch the zits off of him. Have you ever just wanted to punch the zits off of someone? It's a crazy feeling.

I absolutely loved Superman: Earth One Volume Two. I read it in one sitting because it's so good. I highly recommend it and I think you're nuts if you pass on it. NUTS.


  1. Sounds awesome. You should check out All Star Superman volumes 1 and 2 by Grant Morrison. Probably my favorite Superman stories of all time in there.

  2. Thanks, I'll put it on my wish list. From the looks of it there's a trade that collects both volumes so I'm definitely going to check it out.

  3. Nice to see you back blogging! I'm not a huge Superman fan, but I agree with DerryX, the Grant Morrison run on All Star is something pretty special.

  4. Hey thanks! I am back, in full force.

    Wow both of you and a few other people have recommended that to me as a result of this post. I'm definitely going to pick it up. Thanks! (This is one of the biggest reasons why I started this blog)