Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Best of Caption Figures #26-35!

Caption Figures is a weekly segment where I take pictures of my action figures in different positions, add captions, and ask you (the reader) to participate by writing your own captions. Previously, I've picked multiple favorites for each Caption Figure. I'm going to change things up a bit to introduce some competition. I'm going to pick my favorite caption for each Caption Figure. Let's get to it!

Caption Figures #26

"Remember, when the cameras start rolling, just vomit as much PEZ as possible."
Keith Frank: You see, this actually looks like you built this in a cave from a pile of scraps. 

Caption Figures #27

"I need to train harder if I'm going to get my own movie."
Erin Christopher: "See I told you my lightning bolt looked the same upside down...hey why are you all laughing?"

Caption Figures #29

"The Stunner! The Stunner! The Stunner!"

Blynch316: That'll teach ya for stealing another man's steveweisers!

Caption Figures #30

Halloween at the Hand household.

CMTomaso: "Just give me back my hat! You know darn well that it isn't exactly something I can just misplace."

Caption Figures #31

On your mark... get set... POSEDOWN!

Read Comic Books: Wait, brothers! I don't think this is how the Y.M.C.A goes...

Caption Figures #32

"Blue!? That doesn't fit the color scheme! Ahhhhhhhhh!" 

Chris Feeney: I call this my sexy pose.

Caption Figures #33

"Larfleeze... that thing weighs like 5 pounds. Easy does it."

Flodo Span: I don't think he's seen me. If I lie really still he might just walk on past...

Caption Figures #34

"Get back here with my wallet! That's my Fribble money!"


Caption Figures #35

"Um, William? I don't think that's what they mean by 'Black Friday'. Let's go home."
Read Comic Books: I had to kill four men to buy this skull... can I get it gift wrapped?

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