Monday, November 12, 2012

WFMU - The Greatest Radio Station on Earth

It's really special when you can be a part of something that gives you a great sense of community and enjoyment. These are the feelings I get when I think of the greatest radio station on earth, WFMU.

WFMU is a radio station based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. It's a listener supported, freeform radio station where the DJs have the freedom to play all types of music and talk about all sorts of topics.

Hurricane Sandy dealt a devastating blow to the east coast. Unfortunately, WFMU got hit hard. Not only did the hurricane physically hit them, forcing them off the air and costing them a great deal in damages, but it also put a stop to the WFMU record fair, a yearly, necessary fundraising event.

WFMU needs help. If you are a listener of WFMU, I urge you to pledge by clicking the banner at the top of this post to help keep the station afloat. If you are not a listener or have never heard of WFMU, I encourage you still to pledge, and check it out. You can stream it online at the WFMU website or tune your radio to 91.1/90.1 if you're in the area.

Where should you start? What should you listen to? It's quite simple and obvious. The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling. This show is so unbelievably funny, that I can't believe it! The show consists of some music to kick things off, followed by the host, Tom Scharpling, telling stories, talking to callers, interviewing great guests, and performing comedy bits with his buddy Jon Wurster. Tom is always joined by Mike, his associate producer and call screener who can be heard cackling in the background and cracking open a nice cold Tall Boy. If a caller starts giving Tom "the business", they get the "heave-ho", literally.

Me and Tom Scharpling
I am such a superfan of The Best Show and have been since 2007. I'm a proud FOT (a.k.a. Friend of Tom, a title given to fans of The Best Show) and I listen to past shows all day at work, every single day. Tom is one of the hardest working guys around and is extremely generous to his fans. I've met him on a few occasions and he's one of the nicest people ever. He's had an extremely positive influence on my writing, specifically the humor that I put into this blog.

I know that a lot of my readers are fans of Marvel comics. Well guess what... so is Tom! He loves Iron Fist. And, superstar Marvel writer Matt Fraction is a FOT and has called into The Best Show on many occasions.

The Best Show is on every Tuesday night from 9pm-12am EST. Each show is available in podcast format on itunes so I encourage all of you to subscribe. You can also check out archives of The Best Show.

And that's just one show! There are tons of other shows on WFMU that offer all sorts of music and personalities.

Please donate to WFMU and help them get back on their feet. You can give any amount but if you pledge $50 or more to The Best Show, you get Tom's awesome premium which is a Best Show hurricane recovery shirt designed by the artist Coop.

Anyone who donates as a result of reading this post will get a special mention on Twitter from yours truly! I know, WFMU has a lot better to offer, but I'm doing what I can here. Cut me some slack.

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