Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #15: It's Tearing Me Apart

On December 12th, we saw the release of Green Lantern Corps #15, the next installment of the crossover "Rise of the Third Army". Or as I like to call it, "Rise of the Guy Gardner".

This issue was written by Peter J. Tomasi, illustrated by Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna, and published by DC Comics. At this point in the Green Lantern Corps story, Guy Gardner has resigned from the Green Lantern Corps. In issue #15, Guy deals with being a nobody now that he doesn't have his Corps to serve. It starts off with him throwing a temper tantrum and smashing his house up. Then, he goes rogue. And he really kicks some ass. This is very similar to the Guy Gardner: Reborn storyline. Except this issue ends with him getting arrested...by his sister!

I get it. Guy Gardner is a hot-head. He never lived up to his dad's expectations. His siblings are way more successful than him. He feels that he let down his Corps. He has a lot to be angry about. It's great. I love it!

There's one problem. We're in the middle of a major, multi-title crossover. Why are we this focused on Guy Gardner? We do get a sprinkling of the Rise of the Third Army story in this issue with John Stewart and Fatality discovering pieces of Mogo in space, and the Guardians getting into it with Salaak. But overall, this comic is completely centered around Guy Gardner.

I finished this comic feeling excited that they gave us such an in depth look into the world of Guy. Then I closed the comic, glanced at the cover, noticed the "Rise of the Third Army" logo, and immediately felt annoyed. I actually forgot that I was reading a crossover issue.

I think Rise of the Third Army needs to be more cohesive. Green Lantern Corps #15 is one of my favorite issues of Green Lantern Corps, but one of my least favorite issues of Rise of the Third Army. The Third Army story was pushed to the side to build up the Guy Gardner story. I think it's great, but I feel like I'm being distracted when I want to be drawn in. I don't feel like all of the different titles are connected.

Let's keep it together, DC. We need a little more glue in Rise of the Third Army. A little more glue and a lot more RISING OF THE THIRD ARMY.


  1. Yeah I had the same feeling when I started reading the issue but I think somehow the Guy story might develop into something bigger.

    Just like in GL15, the story is focused on Baz, and GL New Guardians it's Kyle.

    I have a feeling that whatever Hal is doing up there with sinistro is gonna bring everyone together.

  2. Well I don't doubt that they're going to tie everything together. I'm just really frustrated that things aren't fitting together yet this late in the crossover, and now they're going to focus so much on Guy (And Kyle in GL New Guardians as well).

    Again, I love these storylines, I just keep waiting for the punchline. I guess we'll have to wait until the final issue of this story to get it.

    But I do agree that Hal is going to be the key to all of this.