Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guitar Center Is Trying To Ruin Christmas

As a gamer, I resent this commercial:

"Thanks for not getting me that video game I asked for"? That's offensive to me. I grew up playing instruments and playing video games. I don't see why one has to be portrayed as better than the other.

There's room for everyone in this world. Except Guitar Center, and that is why I'm officially boycotting them.

That one's for you, fellow gamers.


  1. Let's see here, $60 video game my kid asked for, or $199 (starting price) drum set that he didn't ask for. Guess he's going to get a pair of socks and like it.

  2. Yeah exactly. A video game that he asked for that can be played quietly with friends, or loud ass drums that he didn't original show interest in?

  3. As a current video gamer and a former drummer, I have to say that I really loved this video. I'd rather my kid spend more time playing an instrument than only playing video games. In my case, both have been great.

  4. Well I do agree that playing an instrument is great. Like I said, I did both as a kid, video games and music. Video games get a bad rap when I think incorporating both isn't a bad thing. This commercial seems to suggest otherwise.