Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Saga: The Dilemma

I've heard many great things about the Image comic book series Saga. By the time it entered my radar, the Volume One trade paperback, collecting issues #1-6, had just been released. I picked it up and enjoyed it, a lot. I didn't just like it, I loved it.

Here's the dilemma: do I wait for the Volume Two trade paperback or do I start subscribing to individual issues?

If I stick to collecting the trade paperbacks, I can have a nice Saga collection on my bookshelf. However, the trade paperbacks are published so long after the individual issues! Can I wait that long?

Ok so individual issues it is, right? Wrong. I have a problem. When I subscribe to a comic book series, I want (need) to go back and buy every issue prior to the issue that I start on. If I start on issue #7, I'm going to need to buy all of the back issues. This is a problem because it gets out of hand!

There was a Blue Beetle/Green Lantern: New Guardians crossover earlier this year. At the time, I wasn't subscribed to Blue Beetle. The crossover started on issue #9, so of course, I went out and bought issues #1-8 (which were more expensive than cover price, by the way). I know what you're thinking: "Hey Dominick, couldn't you just read some reviews?" No, I couldn't. Because I have a problem. I need to see every damn panel of a comic book series. Now I bet you're thinking "Hey! Yesterday, you wrote a whole blog post, full of aqua-puns, talking about a comic book series that you started at issue #14 and never read before that." Yeah, you're right. I hopped onto Aquaman at issue #14 and didn't know what the hell was going on.

Back to the issue at hand, what do I do about Saga: trade paperbacks or individual issues? Help!


  1. Stick with the trades. It will be less expensive that way. You just have to have patience while waiting on them to come out. I read The Walking Dead in trades and sometimes it's very sad having to wait for trades when I hear something awesome happened in an issue.

  2. Thanks Rachel. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. It's hard to wait but at least I'll have a nice collection of trades. Actually with individual issues I usually have to skim through them again to catch up before I read the newest issue. With Saga Volume One I sat down and read all 6 issues in one sitting. That is a nice benefit.

  3. I had to go with trades just because my store sold out of #1 and even though I had it on Comixology I want complete runs. Luckily Fiona Staples came to my local so it's a signed trade which makes me happier about not having single issues :')

  4. Wow I'm jealous! I have some stuff from Comixology but it makes me itchy not to have a printed copy of something. But that's a whole separate issue...