Thursday, January 24, 2013

Justice League The Flash Action Figure (The New 52)

I recently received the New 52 Justice League Flash action figure as a gift from my wife. Yes. That's right. Soak it in. I'm 28 and I receive action figures as gifts. That's the man I am.

I really like the packaging of this action figure series. The boxes are very slick and integrate the DC Comics logo. You can definitely spot a New 52 Justice League action figure in the store just by a quick glance. 

This action figure, released in September 2012, stands at 6.75 inches tall. This is the Barry Allen, New 52 Justice League Flash design by Jim Lee.

In terms of what's in the box, it's just The Flash. There are no accessories. I personally wish that it came with at least a base stand, especially since there are holes for it at the bottom of the feet. However, what this figure lacks in accessories, it makes up for in detail. It feels like Barry ran off the page of Justice League and onto your shelf. Even the bottom of his boots are accurate.

The New 52 Justice League action figures are not the most fun to play with, so if you're looking for a toy for your child, I'd skip this action figure series. However, if you're an adult collector like me, The Flash is a perfect fit for your display

Barry Allen of Earth, welcome to The Fat Lantern Corps! 


  1. Awesome review! The facial detail alone on this figure is great! I agree about the stand though. It would be nice to have!

  2. Thanks Megan!

    Yes I typically use the stands that action figures come with. I was thinking of just buying a few extra stands from ebay.

    But this Justice League action figure series looks great. I'm really looking forward to picking up the Superman figure.