Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Best of Caption Figures #36-40!

Caption Figures is a weekly segment where I take pictures of my action figures in different positions, add captions, and ask you (the reader) to participate by writing your own captions. Thank you to everyone who participated. I picked my favorite reader caption for each Caption Figure from #36-40. Here they are!

Caption Figures #36

Keith Frank: "My super power? Crabwalking!"

Caption Figures #37

Ari Carr: "Bitch please, I got this in the Black Friday sales!"

Caption Figures #38

Chris Feeney: "Um, I don't think that's how you are supposed to do Gangnam Style."

Caption Figures #39

Read Comic Books: "So, Dave. You've failed at everything after wrestling. Are there any plans to return? ... No, no. I don't want a lap dance. Please stop dancing. For the last time I don't have any singles!"

Caption Figures #40

Mike Fitz: "What the hell?!? Does Parallax shed?!? Eeeeewwww....gross....."

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