Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Fat Lantern Turns 1!

Today is a very special day. Go ahead, ask me why!

Because, today is the one year anniversary of The Fat Lantern! You could even say that it's my BLOGOVERSARY. In my very first post, I said that I wanted this blog to be a forum where I could discuss and learn about comics. Since then, it has become that and more. I've gone beyond comics and written about movies, TV shows, science fiction, and more. I've also put more emphasis on my action figure collecting.

I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, and participated in the number of activities I've had on the blog. The Fat Lantern is my outlet to write and be creative. However, it's a lot easier to stay motivated when I'm getting feedback and involvement from readers.

Thank you to Read Comic Books for the constant support on Twitter and for making the kickass Fat Lantern banner at the top of the page.

Thank you to my brother and "Taking Over" co-host derryX for plugging The Fat Lantern at his blog. He has also helped me beef up my comic book trade paperback collection.

Thank you to Ari Carr who has shown tremendous support on Twitter and has mentioned me at her blog (which is fantastic, by the way) multiple times.

I also want to thank my wife for encouraging my comic book and action figure obsession.

I want to also thank some more people on Twitter who continue to show support for The Fat Lantern including Keith FrankGalaxy Junkyard, Adam Wiebner, Lela Gwenn, Comic Book KidPaul Bowler, Tower of Fate, Tommy Lutz, Mike Fitzgerald, and Drunk on Comics (the best comic book podcast there is). There are so many more who have shown support in one way or another. To all of you, I say thanks!

Let's take a retrospective look at The Fat Lantern. Ideally, I would like all of you to go back and read every post because I would not put it online if I didn't think it was good. However, these are my favorite posts that I'm most proud of:

Although I am more than happy with how things have turned out so far, I think there is definitely room for improvement. I'd love more input through comments. The amount of people who visit The Fat Lantern has been increasing, but I can't know what you're thinking by just tracking pageviews. I also want to see more captions for Caption Figures and submissions for FAT Illustrations. These are both weekly segments where the readers get to be creative so I love when people participate. Plus, it makes me laugh! Lastly, I could always use more followers on Twitter. More followers means more people who are exposed to The Fat Lantern. So follow The Fat Lantern on Twitter!

Thank you all again. Please keep reading. I'll keep writing. As usual, I'll talk to you later...

Wait. I think I'm forgetting something. Oh, that's right. LIGHT 'EM UP!

In fullest day,
In famished night,
No burger shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship health food's blight,
Beware my hunger...
Fat Lantern's bite!


  1. One year down!

    Too bad you don't live up here so we can't eat like fucking slobs at Gus's for your anniversaries.

  2. Thanks Imogen!

    And thanks, Keith. One day I'll show up and we'll hot dog the shit out of Gus's, Fat Lantern Corps style.