Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Open Letter to Geoff Johns

I was overcome with emotion while reading your blog post at the DC Comics website yesterday. In it, you stated that after just about 10 years, you will be stepping down from writing Green Lantern, concluding with issue #20 of the current series.

I have been a comic book reader my entire life. It wasn't until I was an adult, however, that I fell in love with Green Lantern. Thankfully, when issue #0 of Blackest Night was released on free comic book day, I picked it up. I'm glad that I did. Getting that comic snowballed into me becoming one of the biggest Green Lantern fanatics out there. After "Blackest Night" concluded, I went back and read "Green Lantern: Rebirth", then everything else that had "Green Lantern" and "Geoff Johns" on the cover.

Prior to "Blackest Night", I had absolutely no interest in Green Lantern. It was you who made me appreciate Green Lantern. You, along with a handful of great artists, redefined a character with "Green Lantern: Rebirth" by bringing Hal Jordan back, while also defining an entire universe with the establishment of the emotional spectrum in "Blackest Night" (and the comics leading up to it). That blew me away and made me excited about Green Lantern. Now, I spend as much time as I can catching up on the past 70 years of Green Lantern that I've missed.

My initial reaction to the news that you will be retiring as writer of Green Lantern was complete sadness. I have gotten used to knowing that all will be well when it comes to Green Lantern because you have been telling the tales. Soon, you won't be telling those stories anymore. That made me sad. The more I thought about it, the less sad and the more content I became. I was lucky enough to have lived through your Green Lantern run. That's cool! I even got the chance to meet you, talk about Green Lantern, and have you sign one of my favorite Green Lantern trade paperbacks. I can't say that about writer Dennis O'Neil's legendary Green Lantern run. I wasn't even alive when he was writing Green Lantern. Sure, I'd love for you to write Green Lantern forever, but you have more than made your mark on the character and comics in general, and I was there for it all. I will always appreciate that.

You have not only had an effect on my reading, but also my writing. The creation of this blog was in part due to all of the stories that you have written (I mean, my blog isn't called The Fat Superman). I have spent so much time reading your work and I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions through writing. It has become that and more. I have explored so much of the DC Universe and written about a lot more than I thought I ever would. I now aspire to write anything that has a fraction of the impact that your run on Green Lantern has had on me. You even inspired me to create my own Corps: The Fat Lantern Corps (a.k.a. my faithful readers).

Now I know, you're still going to be around and writing for DC Comics. I can't wait to see what happens at the conclusion of your Green Lantern run. I am also very eager to see what you will do with Justice League of America. Plus, Aquaman is fantastic (for the record, that is another character that I had no interest in before I read your current Aquaman comics). However, I want you to know that what you did with Green Lantern is something that has truly been special to me. "Blackest Night" is my "Dark Knight Returns". You are my Frank Miller.

Thank you, Geoff Johns. Thank you for everything.

With that, I guess there's only one thing left to do. Light 'em up!

In Brightest Day,
In Blackest Night
No Evil Shall Escape Our Sight!
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might
Beware Our Power,
Green Lantern's Light!

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