Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Superhero U-Turns

The Flash by Alex Ross
We all have our favorite comic book characters. Along with our favorites come our least favorites. Then there are some characters that we just hate. However, sometimes you read a comic that makes you look at a character completely differently.

I experienced this after reading Showcase Presents: The Trial of The Flash. This collection chronicles over two years of Flash comics (in black and white) in one trade paperback. In this story, The Flash is put on trial for murder after he kills Reverse-Flash to save his fiancé's life.

I am a big DC Comics guy, but I have never liked The Flash. Crazy, right? I always thought that he was a really lame character with a useless superpower. A guy who can run fast? What's he going to do with that ability? After reading The Trial of The Flash, I learned a lot more about his superpowers and his alter ego, Barry Allen. This was the turning point for me. I started to really get interested in The Flash.

Now, I'm catching up on any Flash trades that I can get a hold of. I'm currently reading The Flash of Two Worlds and I'm loving it. It's a collection of comics from the 1960's. Jay Garrick, the golden age Flash, meets Barry Allen, the modern day Flash, and they decide to team up. I've also been following the current New 52 Flash series since it started in 2011. It's fantastic. Writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are doing really creative things with the character. I look forward to it every month.

As much as I like it when everything is about me, I would love to turn this over to my readers. What are the comics that you have read that made you completely rethink a character? Please comment with your contributions!


  1. First off, read yourself some Wally West Flash. I've read every issue since the 60s, and Mark Waid's run is just *superb*.

    To the point: I never cared for Sinestro, or the Green Lantern universe at large, really, until I finally read Sinestro Corps war a couple years ago. The panel where Sinestro, his ring out of juice, looks at a similarly depowered Hal and Kyle and says "Come on then. The BOTH of you." That changed it for me. I still don't *love* Green Lantern like I love, say, Batman, Wonder Woman or Flash, but I no longer think of Sinestro as some tired Superfriends hack villain.

  2. Oh I completely agree with you about Sinestro. I've actually always really loved him but that specific part of the Sinestro Corps War is just perfect. I also really like the end of Blackest Night when he becomes a White Lantern and just goes nuts. That's a character that's really been developed throughout the years.

    Yes I definitely need to read more Waid Flash. That's actually an interesting point. These characters are around for so long, sometimes they go away, then come back. When someone like me starts reading at one point, it can give me a completely different perspective than someone who started at a different point. As of right now, I see Barry Allen as the main Flash. But someone who followed The Flash in the 90's would see Wally West as the main Flash. I might have to formulate my thoughts on this and discuss further soon...

  3. I would also tend to agree regarding the Waid Flash era (also Impulse) both were very good.

    On to the topic of your article, I found myself feeling this way regarding Blue Beetle when Reyes took over the name. I greatly enjoyed the Ted Kord version of the character (as well as the Dan Garrett version) so was less than impressed when he was killed and subsequently replaced with a kid using a high tech suit. But having read about the character for a bit I've found that he's grown on me. I enjoy the new Blue Beetle's adventures as much as I've enjoyed Ted's and Dan's before him.

  4. Thanks Jesse.

    I actually had this experience with Blue Beetle as well! I subscribed to the New 52 Blue Beetle comic written by Tony Bedard. I actually reviewed/recapped some issues here on my blog.

    I'm a big fan of Tony Bedard's work on Green Lantern: New Guardians so I checked out Blue Beetle. I really enjoyed it. I haven't read much Ted Kord Blue Beetle but after reading the Reyes version I'm definitely interested to go back and read some more Blue Beetle stuff.

  5. I have to say.... Green Lantern. Weird right? I grew up in a country were comics were scarce. I could get some Superman (by Curt Swan, not my favorite,) Batman, and ocassionaly, a Justice League (never ever a Marvel comic). And that was it. In the JL I saw this guy with a cool ring and a green costume, but that was it. I didn't knew anything about him (he was called Raul Jordan in spanish) and wasn't interested to find out. As I got older I started to collect more comics but still, no interest for the guy. Until Emerald Dawn. I got to say that I brought the trade because there was nothing new and I liked M.D Bright's art. But the story, the character, blew me away immediatly. Since then, I read everuthing that the GL universe have to offer.