Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fat Superhero Names

Superheroes are usually portrayed as strong and fit. However, what if a superhero wasn't so in shape? If a fat superhero were to emerge, what would his/her name be? Let's come up with a list. I'll start things off. Here are my suggestions:
  • Captain Butterball
  • The Slob
  • The Buffet Watcher
  • She-Gulp
  • Humungous Fungus
  • The Human Vacuum
  • The Take Out Kid
  • The Leftover Hunter
Comment with your own fat superhero name suggestions! And please, be nice...


  1. Captain Jumbo
    The Earthquaker
    Giant Man
    Burger Boy
    Mistress Milkshake

  2. Spidervein Man
    The Incredible Bulk
    Professor XXL

  3. Obeast (I'm not very good at this)

  4. From Twitter:

    @TheScoobyDoom - The French Fry Phantom, Mega Munch Mouth

    @Hulksmash1985 - Blobin and The Caked Crusader