Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013: Goin' Out In Style

Wow what a crazy week it's been! This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being the best man at my brother and now sister-in-law's wedding. It was a great time with a lot of food, drinks, and dancing.

What do you care, right? Well! Since this is The Fat Lantern and I am the official slob of all things geeky, I figured I'd report on some of the nerdy stuff that happened over the weekend.
I wore my Green Lantern cufflinks and "old country style" pinky ring.
Stylin' and profilin'.
My brother got me Dre Beats for being best man.
My brother also got me Nikolai and the Sheikie baby for my collection.
They look fantastic.
I gave a best man speech where I listed things that my brother and I have in common. The list included professional wrestling, food, Metallica, the Sheikie Baby, and more! Come watch it (and please forgive the quality)!

Lastly, I want to let you people know that this April has officially been the most popular month of all time for The Fat Lantern (based on pageview count)! I couldn't be happier and I have been having so much fun writing about all things comics, action figures, and more. Please remember that you can follow The Fat Lantern on Twitter and Google+. Not to mention the cool, hip Fat Lantern Facebook page. Give it a Like and tell your friends! I post all sorts of stuff exclusive to Facebook. Plus, I give away my digital comics every now and then.

The Fat Lantern is runnin' wild!

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