Monday, April 8, 2013

I Snubbed Nikolai Volkoff

Last Thursday, I attended The Roast of the Iron Sheik at Caroline's on Broadway in New York City. As many of you know, The Iron Sheik is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest professional wrestling legends of all time. Recently, he has become an internet sensation for his rants about anything and everything, mainly wrestlers that he's known over the years.

His roast was fantastic. Roasters included professional wrestlers Jay Lethal and MVP, comedians Mike Lawrence and Dan Soder, and more. They all went up there and hauled insults at him and he came back with his classic Sheik-isms. It was surreal.

Then the opportunity for me to meet him arose. I couldn't believe it. I was ecstatic. I didn't expect to get a chance to meet him and here I was, about to meet The Sheikie Baby himself.

The roast ended and he went directly to a table to sit down and sign autographs. I ran over to the table and was one of the first people there. I noticed that people were taking pictures with him. Holy crap! This was really going to happen! I spotted Nikolai Volkoff, pro-wrestling legend and The Iron Sheik's former tag team partner. I had seen him earlier in the night and almost blinded him with my camera.

The gentleman moderating the picture taking asked me if I wanted a picture with both Nikolai and the Sheik, or just the Sheik. I asked "How much?" He told me $30 for both or $20 for just the Sheik. I know. Twenty bucks. But it's The Iron Sheik! I used to watch him when I was in diapers. Furthermore, I went to a local wrestling event years ago where Bret Hart was charging $50 for just an autograph. And this was when Bret Hart was in WCW. So I had no problem dropping $20 for a picture with the legend.

Apparently, I did have a problem dropping $30. My problem was that I only had $20 in my pocket! What was worse was that I answered "Just the Sheik" with Nikolai Volkoff sitting 12 inches away from me. I was so overcome with excitement that I didn't even acknowledge Nikolai. I wanted the picture with the Sheik so badly that I tossed the $20 I had at the guy moderating it and ran behind the table, not even looking at Nikolai.

I got the picture with the Sheik. Once the adrenaline wore off, it hit me. I snubbed Nikolai Volkoff, one of the biggest wrestling legends of all time. But at least it wasn't for naught..

The Fat Lantern meets The Iron Sheik
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