Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Best of Caption Figures #51-55!

Caption Figures is a weekly post where I take pictures of my action figures in different positions, add captions, and ask you (the reader) to participate by writing your own captions. Thank you to everyone who participated! I now present to you the very best reader captions for Caption Figures #51-55!

Caption Figures #51

GuyFromEarth616: "Do you even lift bro?"

Caption Figures #52

Anonymous: Stuck in an elevator, everyone farted, no one wants to admit it.

Caption Figures #53

Tom Badguy: Splinter: "You are not leaving until I get 1 cock push up!"

Caption Figures #54

Keith Frank: "I am so excited for my first brickjob as a married man."

Caption Figures #55

Scooby-Doom!: "If you can reach it, you can have it....ooop, missed. Heh heh heh, try again!...whoop, missed again! Heh heh heh, NERD!!!"

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