Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mattel WWE Series 29 Ultimate Warrior Action Figure

Intensity. Electricity. Huge. Ripped. Heavy metal. Legend. These are all words that I would use to describe WWE legend, The Ultimate Warrior. I would use these same words to describe the new WWE Series 29 Ultimate Warrior Action Figure by Mattel.

My love of professional wrestling knows no bounds. Let me tell you, when I was a little kid, no one got me pumped up like The Ultimate Warrior. Seeing the WWE Series 29 Ultimate Warrior action figure brought back so many of those feelings. The anatomical detail and bright colors capture the intensity and electricity of The Ultimate Warrior. All it takes is a glance to recognize Warrior's ripped abs, bulging biceps wrapped in tassels, big hair, neon tights, frilly boots, and signature Warrior face paint. I specifically love the facial expression. He looks like he's screaming, which is what I want from an Ultimate Warrior action figure. Could you imagine if he just had a blank stare or a smile? That wouldn't be very warrior-like.

This Ultimate Warrior action figure stands at 7 inches tall and does not come with accessories; however, if you're like me and have some extra toy championship belts laying around, you can throw one of those on him and make him THE ULTIMATE CHAMPION.

There is remarkable detail throughout this figure. The head and arms are fairly flexible but the legs are a bit more limited in their adjustability. Overall, I'd consider this action figure an adult collector's piece. However, I highly recommend this to any child who knows The Ultimate Warrior because you can pose him in all of his classic finishing moves.

Gorilla press drop!
Running splash!
Ultimate Warrior of Parts Unknown, Welcome to The Fat Lantern Corps!

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  1. Awesome review, Lantern! Thank you so much!!

  2. Thanks YOU so much! It's a cool action figure. I was happy to talk about it. And thanks for the sweet 5% off coupon code! I hope everyone who reads this takes advantage of it.