Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Best of Caption Figures #56-60!

Caption Figures is a weekly post where I take pictures of my action figures in different positions, add captions, and ask you (the reader) to participate by writing your own captions. Thank you to everyone who participated! Here are the best reader captions for Caption Figures #56-60!

Caption Figures #56

Chris Feeney: "Hey, which way to the Mad Max auditions?"

Caption Figures #57

Scooby-Doom!: *cheesy announcer voice* What happens when a Ninja Turtle and a Kung Fu Bunny...HAVE to move in together? The Tortoise and The Hare: The New Generation. Coming this fall on Fox.

Caption Figures #58

No captions. :(

Caption Figures #59

Keith Frank: "Excuse me, sir, this is a fine eating establishment. I need you to take your hat off. Laying on the floor is also frowned upon, but it's not as an egregious offense as wearing your hat."

Caption Figures #60

Keith Frank: "The pain I will cause you if you fart right now. Oh, my god, I swear to Christ."

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