Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Irony of Green Lantern #21

I don't think I was alone in being very anxious to read the first Green lantern comic in the post-Geoff Johns era. I of course am referring to Green Lantern #21, published by DC Comics on June 5, 2013, written by Robert Venditti, and illustrated by Billy Tan.

So what did I think? I think that I enjoyed Green Lantern #21 a great deal! As I read the first few pages of the comic, I was thinking to myself "OK, so far, so good. Venditti is laying some nice groundwork that will be a springboard for the future of Green Lantern." We begin to see the relationship between Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris start to unravel. Hal is named leader of the Green Lantern Corps by the new Guardians of the Universe who are still figuring things out themselves. Kilowog gets hit on the head with a Green Lantern ring. Kyle Rayner even makes an appearance. It was interesting and fun.

Then, Larfleeze shows up, and all heck breaks loose.

From here on out, it's non-stop action. Green and orange are all over the pages. Green Lanterns old and new, mixing it up. I loved it.

Although Larfleeze is synonymous with avarice, when I saw him, I felt the blue light of hope. I think Green lantern #21 is a great starting point for the next chapter of Green Lantern. Don't worry, fellow Lantern fans, all will be well.

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