Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Tempts You?

Comic shops are filled with all sorts of items including comics (obviously), apparel, toys, books, glassware, and much more. I think that this mélange is what's fun and appealing about hanging out in a comic shop.

When I go to the comic shop to pick up my comics every week, even though I'm there for a specific purpose, I get distracted. Other items tempt me. Some of them tempt me a lot. The obvious are action figures. I have to stop myself from purchasing a figure every single time I go into the comic shop. OK. Fine. Action figures. That's kind of normal. But it doesn't stop there.

Mugs. They come in all sorts of fun shapes, sizes, and colors. But I have a kitchen cabinet filled with mugs! For some reason, I always come out of the comic shop wishing that I bought a mug. Do I really need to drink coffee out of Homer Simpson's head? No. But I want to.

It gets weirder. I always see these superhero banks. What the F am I going to do with Wolverine's upper torso to shove my dimes into? I guess I just answered my own question. Either way, I don't need it. But I always want it!

When you're in the comic shop, which items tempt you the most?


  1. T-shirts! I am the absolute worst for seeing shirts in LCS and wanting to buy every single one.

    That and a set of Game of Thrones shot glasses I've had my eye on for about three months now!

  2. For me it's not just the action figures, but the statues, so many freaking awesome statues.

    My LCS also dedicates half of its store to Table Top gaming so there's an entire half right there. Guess half comics, half gaming, means the entire store.

    Oh and now they carry Gundam model kits, so yeah my LCS now gets all of my money.

  3. Ari - The shot glasses get me sometimes too. Not Game of Thrones, but others. I never use shot glasses! I want them though.

    Chris - I always browse the statues. I have a few mini-busts. Thankfully, they aren't cheap, so it's easy to pass up on them. But not THAT easy.

  4. Just about everything! I always want to start a toy collection but it would be unfair on my two boys lol. Obviously collect loads of cool stuff vicariously through them anyway. For ages I wanted those wee heroclix figures and just last week I managed to get a dozen really cheap at market :)

  5. I'm a Heroclix gamer so I'm always tempted to buy at least 1 booster. I also want Mugs (have you seen that MODOK mug? DO WANT!) And always various board games.