Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I grew up listening to Metallica. I've been listening to their music ever since I was a little boy who had no idea what the lyrics were about. I'd say 90% of the songs I can play on guitar are Metallica songs. I even end most of my sentences with "eahhhhhh", Hetfield-style. For example: "Can you turn off the ligheahhhhhh!?" or "I'll call you tonigheahhhhhh!".

I do have one question though. Why the heahhhhhhll was Metallica at San Diego Comic-Con?

The only connection between Metallica and comics that I could come up with is me. I love Metallica. I love comics. There may have been an instance or two when I was reading comics and listening to Metallica at the same time. I think that's why they went to this year's San Diego Comic-Con. That's the only logical explanation. And logical explanations are the only explanations my brain comprehends.

I understand that a comic convention can be about more than just comic books. But Metallica showing up at a Comic-Con to promote an IMAX movie about them putting on a concert is not even a stretch, it's just flat out inappropriate.

Metallica performed "The Imperial March" from Star Wars which did not help their case. Although it is the most metal of all science fiction movie theme songs.

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