Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let It Out

Yesterday on Twitter (follow me @TheFatLantern), I started complaining about The Dark Knight Rises. I didn't do it for the sake of being a mean fanboy. I did it to be a dick. When The Dark Knight Rises came out, there was so much anticipation and so much emotion surrounding it (especially since it was the final movie in the Christopher Nolan trilogy) that I wasn't sure what to feel after I saw it. I know that I liked it and I still do. But when a movie that big comes out, you tend to sweep the little annoyances under the rug until some time has passed.

Well some time has passed and I've had the chance to re-watch The Dark Knight Rises at home. It's been over a year and I'm ready to let it out. Here we go. I do not think it's the greatest movie ever! It's good and I enjoyed it overall. However, it was way too long, very slow moving, and Bane's voice was so overdubbed that every time he spoke, I was taken right out of the movie. There are things that I really liked about the movie, and there are more things that I really disliked. It was not perfect or even close to perfect. It feels so good admit that.

I want this to be a forum for you all to LET IT OUT. Be honest. Comment with a movie that you really did not enjoy as much as everyone else did and tell me why. Do not judge anyone else. I'm not here to host a fanboy asshole-a-thon where everyone complains about each other's opinions. I'll cut that shit out before it even starts. This isn't about complaining about people, it's about complaining about movies. This will be therapeutic and a chance for you to say to the world "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

I have no idea where that quote is from (I think it's UHF).


  1. I loved it when I went to see it at the pictures, came out exclaiming 'That was so good!' But then when it came to DVD and I sat down to watch it again I couldn't bear it. It was a one and done movie for me which was a shame because I love Bane as a villain.

  2. The new Star Trek films. I loved the original series so much and then these come along and mess with the backstory already set in place. Maybe if this was a new crew I might have enjoyed these films but since they're not, I can't take it.