Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bone to Pick with DC Villains Month

You know what? I was going to post my thoughts on Green Lantern #23.1: Relic today. As a matter of fact, I have it all written up and ready to go. I had a lot of positive thoughts on that comic and I was excited to let everyone know about them.

Well that is not going to happen anymore. Now, I'm kind of pissed. I'm pissed at DC Comics. Not for the main reason most people are (Batwoman). As a matter of fact, this post has nothing to do with that issue. This is about one thing: money.

I do a pretty good job of not reading anything that even resembles a preview for upcoming comics. I check on Monday or Tuesday to see what's coming out on Wednesday. When I first heard about DC Comics Villains month, I understood it to be an event where a villain would be taking over an individual title and we would see the mini-series Forever Evil. That's not exactly the case.

After purchasing the #23.1 issues for the DC comics I subscribe to, I found out that it isn't stopping there. For example, there will be Green Lantern #23.2, #23.3, and #23.4. That's four times the amount of money I have to spend this month, just on Green Lantern comics.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering "Dominick, why do you need to buy every issue?" I don't need to buy every issue. I don't need to buy comics every month. Honestly, I don't need to buy comics at all. That's not the it. The problem is that I spend money every month to read and follow stories. The message that DC is sending out this month is "If you want the whole story, you're going to need to pay extra. A lot extra."

It doesn't stop with Villains month. DC has become the king of crossover events. The concept is amazing. I love it. Take your favorite heroes and have them cross over into other comics. Fantastic. However, the crossover events never stop! One ends and the next begins. Read Green Lantern first, then Green Lantern Corps for part 2, then Red Lanterns for part 3, and Green Lantern: New Guardians for part 4! Don't forget to pick up Pandora #1! And Faceless Dude #0! And Larfleeze #Who gives a shit!? I've spent a lot more money on Red Lantern comics than I would have wanted to, just because it tied into the main Green Lantern story for so long.

The more this happens, the more we end up spending money on comics that we wouldn't normally purchase. I think that's a good thing on a small scale, but it shouldn't happen every time I want to buy a comic.

Maybe it really doesn't matter if I read every single issue in a comic book series and I'm being a completest. But I spend time and money on my comics and I really don't think my enjoyment of them should always vary based on how many other comics I've read.

A variant cover is another way that publishers try to make money, but I don't mind that. The comics for Villains month have either a regular, boring 2D cover, or a hip, cool, futuristic 3D cover. I know, right!? I honestly could care less about 3D anything, but at least with variant covers, I can choose to get the less expensive cover but still get the same story as the more expensive covers.

I want to sign off by stressing something. I just complained a lot about spending money on DC Comics. But I have absolutely no problem with the cost of comics. I think for 3 or 4 bucks, with the amount of time and effort that's put into creating a comic book, it's a steal. Furthermore, as I stated, I have really enjoyed the Villains month issues I've read so far. But I can't financially justify multiplying my comic book subscription, even if it's just for a month. I think DC Comics is asking for too much.

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