Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Best Of Caption Figures #66-70!

Caption Figures is a weekly bit of fun we have where I take pictures of my action figures and ask you (the reader) to come up with your own captions. Thank you to everyone who participated! Here are the best reader captions for Caption Figures #66-70!

Caption Figures #66

Guy From Earth616: "Hulk smash, then Hulk make dinner out of T-Rex"

Caption Figures #67

Ian Austin: "HHH rules: there can only be one!"

Caption Figures #68

Kara French: Flash: "Dude I've already hit you like ten times..."

Caption Figures #69 Seen moments before Russel Crowe smashes you in the face with a phone.

Caption Figures #70

Ian Austin: Two men, one up!

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