Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Trick to Marvel Hologram Cards (Possibly)

Marvel trading card (front and back)
Back in the early 90's, when I was a wee little tyke, my brother and I used to collect Marvel trading cards. Any money we could scrounge up was used to get packs of these cards and believe me, we knew how to scrounge. That kind of makes us sound like little criminals, and maybe we were. But who are you to judge?

Hologram card
As is the case with many different types of trading cards, the front of the Marvel cards showcased a particular character (or characters), and the back of the card would have some information about the character such as a short bio, stats, appearances, etc.

Every year, a new series of cards with all sorts of Marvel characters would be released. These cards were great. However, what we really looked out for were the hologram cards. Each series of Marvel cards had only a few hologram cards. These special cards were randomly distributed throughout the packs and you were never sure if the pack you bought would contain one or not.

Alright, now let's cut the crapola. My friends convinced my brother and I that you could tell which packs of cards contained a hologram card (without opening it) just by feeling the sides of the pack. We spent hours of our lives feeling packs of Marvel cards, thinking we could tell which ones contained the hologram cards. I'm 29 and it's over 20 years since this happened. My memory is a bit hazy. Were the hologram cards slightly wider than the regular cards, making them detectable without opening the packs? Or is that just a bunch of hogwash?


  1. Yes, it's true. The theory behind it is that different cards were printed in different batches and with different materials. I also did this and I was around 80% accurate to get the chase card that is 1 or 2 cards per box or rarer. The holograms were much easier to feel because they have much different feel to them. Later releases starting in the early 2000's were a different story, probably the manufacturers had known the technique already and the cards they produced had different sizes.

  2. I found this hologram video in youtube, thought I should share this. This guy has a very nice hologram collection.