Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 New York Comic Con Agenda

We are mere days away from one of the biggest events of the year, New York Comic Con. I have already begun to have both cold and hot sweats, irrationally worrying that I will end up seeing literally nothing because I'll get shut out of everything.

To curb my anxiety, I have planned out my attack plan for the convention. Here is what I have planned for this year's New York Comic Con:
  • Meet Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Jason David Frank
  • Meet Hulk Hogan
  • See Kane at the panel "WWE Studios Presents Halloween Horror"
  • Purchase the New York Comic Con exclusive DC Comics Hal Jordan & Saint Walker 3 3/4" Action Figures
  • Visit the following exhibitor booths - Midtown comics (#1736), Dark Horse Comics Inc. (#1636), Marvel Entertainment (#1354), Graphitti Designs/DC Comics (#755), Best Comics & Collectibles International (#2537),  Phantazmic Comics & Toys (#3037), Mattel Inc. (#1804), Papercutz (#2229), Hazarai (#958), Nintendo of America Inc. (#1436), 8 Bit & Up Video Games (#1489)
Now I know what you may be thinking, I'm not going to meet any comic book creators. Well, I am going to keep an eye out for my favorite writers and artists. This agenda includes the main attractions that I would like to see, not all of them (and that includes exhibitor booths). I'll be sure to have a stack of comics to be signed in my backsack. However, since I live in New York City, I get the chance to meet comic book creators at comic shops. I'm not bragging, that's just how it is. In the past year, I've met my 4 absolute favorite comic book creators (Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Dan Slott, and Brian Wood). How many chances am I going to get to meet The Hulkster? So far, in the 29 years that I've been living, this is the first chance I've gotten.

Me and my brother derryX
In terms of my attire, I will not be part of the cosplay folk. However, I will be carrying/wearing my
Intercontinental Championship belt all weekend. On Friday I will be wearing my Sheikie Baby "Old Country Way" t-shirt. Saturday, the day that I hopefully meet my idol, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, I of course need to wear my nWo t-shirt. I'm not sure what I'll wear on Sunday. Maybe I'll buy a cool shirt at Comic Con to wear.

There you have it, my agenda for the 2013 New York Comic Con. Be sure to follow my Comic Con adventures on Twitter, Instagram, and The Fat Lantern Facebook page. Wish me luck!

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