Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mattel WWE Basic Series 33 Dean Ambrose Action Figure

Dean Ambrose
I want to take a minute to talk about WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose has been wrestling since 2004 but is fairly new to WWE, making his major debut in late 2012. He is the current WWE United States Champion. I've been watching professional wrestling my entire life and I can safely say that this guy's got it. He has a quality that I immediately responded to the second I saw him on WWE TV.

There are not many things that I look forward to on TV more than Dean Ambrose. He has so much charisma and even though he's a heel (or bad guy) he comes across as the coolest guy on the roster. His in-ring skills are superb. He takes a very old-school approach to wrestling, telling a beautiful story not with his words, but with his matches in the ring. Furthermore, he wrestles like a great heel, giving cheap shots and smacks to the face, raking backs, and gouging eyes. He also speaks like a heel, shouting at his opponents and taunting at them whenever he gains the upper hand. Whether he's wrestling or cutting a promo, it's always sure to be entertaining.

He's currently a member of the faction The Shield along with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It's a pretty great wrestling group. However, if you ask me, Dean Ambrose has the potential to have an amazing singles run. I'm hoping to one day see him wearing the WWE title or the World Heavyweight Championship for a long, long time.

So that's my take on Dean Ambrose the wrestler. Let's take a look at Dean Ambrose the action figure! This figure is part of series 33 of the WWE Mattel 6 inch Basic Series and it is the first ever Dean Ambrose action figure. I really like this figure because it's put together real well and it's solid. Don't worry, it's still extremely flexible. You can turn the head and bend it at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, legs, knees, and feet. This figure doesn't come with accessories (hence "basic series") but honestly, you don't need them. He's ready to bust out of the box and jump into the ring. I had a toy WWE United States Championship belt lying around so I threw it on him. Not necessary, but a fine touch. But where this figure really wins for me is in its detail. From the hair to the outfit to the wrapped fists, this figure is Dean Ambrose.

Let's see him in action...
"Dean Ambrose secures a headlock on Randy Orton!"

"He's raking Orton's back!"

"Ambrose is going for his finishing move, The Headlock Driver!"

"1-2-3. Ambrose wins!"
Every WWE fan will want this Dean Ambrose action figure in their collection. Trust me when I tell you that one day, he will be the top guy, holding the WWE Championship, and you'll be glad you supported him early on by having this figure in your collection. Plus, it's a great figure!

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, Welcome to The Fat Lantern Corps!

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