Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Traveling with Comics

Over the years, I have adopted a strict "no traveling with new comics" policy. This means that with the exception of bringing my new comics home, I don't travel with them.

He opts for the train when he doesn't need to. What a dick.
When I want to read comics on the go, I stick to trade paperbacks. I bring them anywhere and everywhere. When it comes to individual comics, I become really anal. I want to keep them in the same exact condition they were in when I purchased them. I take a bus and a train to and from work every day (and it sucks), so there's a lot of moving around and smushing of my book bag. But I need something to keep me entertained because, again, it sucks. I bring trade paperbacks because they're sturdier and less likely to be worth something.

But I don't know why I care. "Worth something." I say that like I'm actually ever going to sell my comics. I do have comics that are signed and/or rare that could be worth something someday. Those are stored with special care. As for the rest of my comics, the reason why I buy them is to read and have cool stuff to show off. I'm not going to sell my stuff. It's my stuff. Without my stuff, I'm just a dude sitting in a room. What else is there in life? Yeah sure, I could travel the world, BUT WHAT WOULD I READ?

Of course, since I pay 3-4 dollars per comic, I want to preserve their condition as much as possible. That's why I always board and bag my comics. But in terms of actually enjoying them, why am I being so strict?

I'm not saying that I've changed my mind and I'm going to smash my comics all over the place. However, I really am working on being less protective of my new comic books. I deny myself the pleasure of reading on the go because of the possibility of a comic getting bent. I'm denying myself comic goodness.

So I have a choice. Who gets bent? My comics...or me?

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